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I grew up on the east coast and was always painting or drawing something. I fell in love with photography in high school when my dad put a Canon range finder in my hands. I don’t think I’ve stopped photographing since. Both of my grandfathers were prolific fine artists and I come from a family of musicians, film makers, photographers and performers. The arts have always been valued and seen as an excellent vocation in our family and I’m very grateful for that support.

While studying fine art and photography at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C., my professional photography career began. I was a street photographer by day and a water color painter by night. Then commercial assignments followed. As the shoots continued to flow, I began to get assignments photographing interiors for hotels and designers. This work led to 35 years of architectural photography assignments. I have shot many buildings from the ground up and have enjoyed every component of commercial photography.

I moved to the Russian River area of Sonoma County over 20 years ago with my river runner husband. We live half of the year in Medellin, Colombia which has become our second home, travel extensively and love adventure. I’ve built a library of landscape and still life photographs that reflect the beauty and bounty of our home, Northern California. My life’s work has been as an artist and creator of images.

BOURNE Photo Studio + Gallery is based in Healdsburg, CA and features my landscape photography and paintings, atmospheric abstractions reflecting my relationship to nature . My work leaves room for the viewer to create their own world within the painting. Each piece is a process of discovery. I delight in allowing my hand freedom as I move the brush through paint on the canvas.

My photographs and paintings are offered in canvas, metal and fine art papers in a wide selection of sizes. My intention is to bring the outside world inside along with the peace and calm only nature can provide.

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